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Everything in Between HN smith

Everything in Between – a novel

“Eli Anderson loves his family’s ranch. The only problem is his family.

When his alcoholic father finally takes things too far, he thinks his only choice is to run away from his small town. And when he ends up on the Texas border in a town called Del Valle, his luck finally starts to turn.

The day he meets Carina, everything changes. She lets him believe, for a moment, that everything might be okay. But his demons are always waiting around the next corner, ready to remind him of the life he left behind.

As Eli finds new love and freedom, he also finds that overcoming his past is no easy task.”

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“I loved this book…” – Amazon Reviewer

“I think I read the last couple of chapters with tears in my eyes and a full heart.” – Amazon Reviewer

“The characters are real, the issues are real, and the emotions are real. I couldn’t put it down.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Smith’s portrayal of life, love, heartbreak, redemption, and everything in between is simply poetic. A moving tale that tugs at the heartstrings.” – Betareader

“A tragic coming-of-age story with a gripping view of the resiliency and redemption of the human spirit.” – Betareader

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